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    About us

    Who we are

    We are people people with a passion for teaching. Our unique lesson plans and real-world practice exercises make a genuine difference in how well and how quickly students learn.

    What we do

    We develop and deliver training programs and services that improve learning outcomes and enhance student achievement. We prepare you for the real world.

    Our goal

    Our goal is to ensure that our learning solutions meet customers’ needs precisely. We probably tweak and customize our courses more than any other training firm, especially for on-site workshops. When class ends, we continue to support our clients with FREE and unlimited after-class support by phone or email.

    Our clients

    Our clients are stars and we are honoured they chose us as their training partner.

    Our locations

    Training Boston

    One Boston Place
    201 Washington Street
    Boston, MA

    Training Houston

    1200 Smith Street
    Houston, TX

    Training Los Angeles

    633 West Fifth Street
    Los Angeles, CA

    Training Washington

    1050 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington, DC

    Training Philadelphia

    1650 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA


    These are the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question about our company or policies, you may find the answer below.


    How experienced are your instructors?

    Our instructors know the subjects they teach inside and out. They will be able to answer all your questions in class, or find an answer for you afterwards. When they aren’t teaching in class, they are usually working on projects in their respective fields. They keep learning too.

    What makes your training classes better than others?

    We study as much as we teach. Every one of our instructors was hired based on their ability to engage students. Being experts in their field is not enough - we want instructors who are passionate about making sure their students understand the lessons. We make sure our lesson plans are relevant and we update and refine those lesson plans continuously. Our practice exercises are notably better. We take a keen interest in our clients to make sure we provide the best training possible. This is not rhetoric. It is important to us that students know they can count on us.

    Do you have a printed catalog and schedule you can send me?

    No, we don’t. We keep the online schedule up-to-date and have course outlines available as PDFs.


    How do I register for a class?

    You can register online and pay your course fees with a credit card. Or call us and we’ll process the transaction for you. Some clients prefer to pay by cheque and we are happy to send them an invoice. All course fees are payable in advance (pre-payment is the only way we have of knowing who will actually show up for class).

    What is included with your courses?

    Your class registration fee includes instruction, a good reference material when possible, and unlimited after-class support. Note: For some courses, like Adobe Acrobat for example, there isn’t a good reference book in existence. Believe me, we’re always looking

    What version of the software do you teach on?

    Our policy is to use the latest version of the software in each of our training classes. We usually adopt new versions of software immediately upon their release, and are up to speed on them within a day. If you use an older version, just let us know. we can point out the differences to you as we go.

    Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

    We pride ourselves on getting things right. That doesn’t mean we are perfect but when we make mistakes, we x them. If you’re not happy with your class get in touch with us by noon of the first day of your class and we’ll either provide you with a course credit or a full refund

    What is your Retake policy?

    Our policy is to offer students free retakes for one year. All retake seats are confirmed on a space available basis

    What do I need to know before I come to class?

    It is very important that you are comfortable using your computer (using the mouse, opening and saving les, etc.). If you do not have this basic level of familiarity with computers, you may not be able to keep up. Students with insuficient computer skills may be required to simply observe the class without slowing down the other students. It is our philosophy that, to a large degree, participants get the most value from a class when they are well prepared for the experience.

    Do you train on both Macintosh and Windows?

    We provide instruction for both platforms. With most software apps, the interface is exactly the same whether you work on a mac or pc.

    How far in advance should I register?

    We recommend registering as soon as you are certain you want to attend the class. Some classes fill up a couple of weeks in advance of the class while others are filled months ahead.

    What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, company cheques, cash, and electronic file transfers.

    Do you charge sales tax?

    We charge sales tax when required. Training is exempt in most states.

    Do you have financing available?

    We do not provide financing for courses.


    All cancellations and rescheduling requests must be made in writing and emailed to us by noon of the rst day of your class. Cancellations made more than 5 business days before the course begins qualify for a full refund minus a $75 per person administration fee.


    Cancellations made less than 5 business days before the course begins are not eligible for a refund but classes may be rescheduled. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the start time are not eligible for a refund and may not be rescheduled. We do not charge for student substitutions at any time. We are not able to oer refunds or rescheduling for no-shows or uncompleted courses.


    Rescheduling requests made 5 days before the course begins are free. Rescheduling that takes place less than 5 days before the course begins will incur a $75 per person administration fee. We do not charge for student substitutions at any time. While we make every effort to deliver classes as scheduled, we reserve the right to reschedule previously conrmed classes for a variety of reasons including but not exclusively, the illness of the Trainer. In such cases, we will inform the Client as soon as possible of the new dates.

    What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

    Basically, we want you to be 100% happy. If you are not satisfied after taking a class you may ask to retake it with a dierent instructor, or receive a class credit. All reasonable requests will be considered. We strive to do everything possible to ensure a successful, long-term relationship with our clients and we want you to enjoy your experience with us. In the unlikely event we fail to meet your expectations, we will do our best to work with you to resolve customer service issues in a way that is fair for all parties involved.

    What is your policy regarding low-enrollment cancellations and rescheduling?

    It doesn’t happen often but there are times when we have to reschedule. When fewer than 3 people enroll in a class, it may be postponed to the next scheduled date. In those cases, we work closely with you to provide an alternate date, or you can request a refund.


    Do you provide onsite training?

    Due to Covid-19, all training is online until further notice. However, our specialty is creating, organizing and delivering top-notch training and we can still do that online. We quote these sessions on a per project basis.

    Do you provide customized training?

    Probably our greatest expertise is in creating customized training in any field. We understand the learning process. Our network of teachers and specialists is unsurpassed. If you have a particular training requirement, you’ve come to the right place. We can deliver your proprietary material or develop and deliver a program based on your company’s specific challenges and project requirements.